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Who Riggers Are

When you need safe relocation, removal or replacement of your industrial equipment, you need All Pro Rigging. As a premier rigging company in Florida, All Pro Rigging is your connection for safe transportation, experienced installation and overall efficient operations designed to reduce downtime.

Equipment Rigging?

Generally, equipment rigging involves preparing heavy-duty equipment for transportation or installation. What sort of equipment is “rigged” is a broad question. Usually manufacturing plants, HVAC and mechanical systems at large and small facilitie, Injection molding machines, press brakes, laths and Bridgeport machines are amount some of the most items. Rigging services use straps, cables and heavy equipment like cranes, forklifts or even our robotic machinery dollies are necessary to prepare machinery for transport. While not technically transportation, riggers often work closely with transportation teams to ensure that your equipment is safe and ready to move. Often times transportation companies aren’t sure how to load or secure the loads they are hauling. All Pro does! Heavy-duty machinery isn’t easily wheeled out of your plant and onto a truck, so you need the right cranes and engineering to ensure there’s no damage to your equipment, shop floor or the transporting vehicle.

With All Pro, this is just the start of what our rigging team does. Not only are we qualified to prepare your equipment for transport, but we also have the trucks, cranes and other equipment to offer a one call, turn key relocation services for even the largest machinery.

After moving or when the machines are delivered, our team is capable of installing and Placing your item exactly where you want it. All Pro save you time and money as you work with a single, talented project manager for your entire rigging and relocation project. All Pro helps you save time and money to reduce the stress and lost productivity that come with most equipment movES.

Safety is the Most Important

Safety in rigging comes in two categories: Employee safety and equipment safety. Work with a team that not only works to ensure no one is harmed on the job site, but that your specialized equipment isn’t harmed in the moving process.

Whether you’re moving your stamping press across the shop floor or relocating your entire manufacturing plant across the country, safety is achieved on all our job sites with these features:

  • Detailed safety standards

  • Thorough employee training

  • Safety managers

  • Quality Equipment

  • 21st century technology

  • Hydraulic equipment that moves equipment easily

  • Less manual labor which could cause injury



Expertise on the Job

Our rigging services provide the most efficient and technically advanced experience necessary for a complete relocation and installation project. If your equipment requires additional fabrication, electrical, mechanical or foundation work to be successfully installed in your new location, our team can provide it all.

From foundation to finish material, we have an close relationship with experienced contractors and technicians ready to restore your damaged equipment, relocate your essential presses or dispose of old outdated equipment. We do the leg work, we work with experienced and quality contractor to provide services that meet your quality standards. Starting with the basics and understanding the customers needs, we work through the entire process and ensure you’re completely satisfied before the job’s complete.

Rigging Experience

We work in a variety of industries like HVAC and mechanical contractors, plastic manufacturing companies, firearm manufactures and logistic companies. All you have to do is call. Here are some common rigging services we’ve provided to our satisfied customers:

  • Injection Molds

  • Welders for Blue Origin

  • Press Moving

  • Conex/ shipping containers

  • HVAC system installation

  • Plant relocation

  • Moving heavy things

From aerospace manufacturing at NASA to asphalt plants and energy facilities, we work in any relevant industry that requires equipment rigging. Our commitment to excellent and efficient service allows us to offer you accelerated scheduling. If you need your equipment moved on the weekend, evenings or anytime around the clock, any year of the day, our team can accommodate your schedule.


Play it safe and use All Pro Rigging, a leading equipment rigger. We are your premier equipment rigging expert. Make your project move faster, safer and less effort for you. We set the bar, others just try and mimic us.

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