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Specialty Moves

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When it comes to the specialized moving of large items such as electrical switchgears, sculptures, shipping containers, small buildings and even pieces of art, All Pro Rigging is the ultimate choice. With our extensive expertise and unwavering commitment to safety, All Pro Rigging excels in ensuring the secure and efficient relocation of these unique objects.


Rest assured that All Pro Rigging prioritizes safety and security throughout every stage of your specialized move. Our comprehensive planning, advanced lifting techniques, and use of appropriate restraints guarantee the protection of your valuable possessions. Trust in All Pro Rigging's equipment, including cranes, hoists, large capacity forklifts and specialized rigging tools, to handle the size, weight, and dimensions of your items with precision and care.

All Pro Rigging was trusted to move not just one but two prestigious Deborah Butterfield horse statues for the Mennello Museum in Orlando, FL 

A customer needed a large pizza oven relocated to a family gathering place and trusted All Pro Rigging to do so
A Buddhist temple recieved a number of handcrafted statues and needed them set in exactly the right spot.
A penguin statue needed to be relocated in Orlando City Hall
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